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Spark Electrodes

A spark electrode will allow a good quality spark to jump from it’s electrode tip to the target, igniting the gas mixture in the process. Derlite manufactures hundreds of different models, each designed to suit the individual requirements of our customers appliance. There are 4 categories of spark electrode:


Electrode with straight terminal


Electrode angle terminal


Electrode with HT connecting leads


Electrode with multiple firing tips/targets/sensor


Spark electrodes are subject to very high heat sources, sometime in excess of 1000ºC, Derlite has many years of experience in the selection of the right materials for the application. Each electrode comprises 4 basic elements:


Electrode pin

The pin head shape is designed to allow a good quality spark to exit the electrode and the materials provide a long life, avoiding deteriation through exposure to the gas mixtures and very high temperatures.

Ceramic insulator

The ceramic material is chosen to suit the application size constraints while providing a robust electrical and heat insulator for the electrode pin.  Ceramics may also be glazed to provide a wipe clean, aesthetically pleasing finish for devices that will be seen by the end user.

Mounting bracket

The brackets function is to attach the spark electrode to the appliance. 
A choice of materials are available to suit the application requirements.


The spark electrode may be fitted with a male connector to allow a HT lead to be easily connected, or the spark electrode can be provided with a HT lead pre-connected.


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