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To connect a spark generator to a spark electrode, a special wire is required called a HT
(High Tension) wire.  Since the spark generator will usually output a voltage pulse with a minimum potential of 14,000 V, the wire needs to be capable of carrying this potential to the spark electrode without leaking out through the insulation.



Wire sizes

7/0.2   0.22 mm²   AWG 24

7/0.25   0.34 mm²   AWG 22

Wire material

Bare copper
Good for non-re-ignition systems & low temperature applications.

Copper tin plated
Good for crimp connections in low temperature applications.

Copper zinc plated
Good for crimp connections in medium temperature applications.

Copper nickel plated
Good for crimp connections in high temperature applications.

Insulation material

Low cost and robust insulating material.

Properties similar to PTFE.

Very good electrical properties, good strength & good in high temperature applications.


2.8 x 0.5 / 2.8 x 0.8 crimp receptacle
Brass / brass tin plated / brass zinc plated / brass nickel plated

Low insertion force / standard insertion force


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