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Power Cords

Through years of manufacturing products that use many different kinds of power cords, Derlite has built up an expertise in this area and now supplies powercords for many varied applications. A powercord has three main components, the plug for connecting to a power outlet, the cable for carrying the electrical current to the appliance and connectors for connecting the powercord to the appliance. We will make powercords to suit your application, the photos and tables below show some of current specifications:

Fixing: Molded or Removable
Region: USA, Europe, United Kingdom, Australian
Fuse Rating:

10 Amp, 13 Amp, 15 Amp


BS1363, CEE7/7, AS3112 etc

Outer: 3 Core round white or black
Inner: Brown, blue, yellow/green
Cable size:

0.75mmsq (suitable for 5A @230Vac)1.5mmsq (suitable for 13A @ 230Vac)


PVC (general purpose insulation covering suitable for temperatures up to 105ºC)
Silicon (good for higher temperature applications, up to 180ºC)

Approvals: <VDE>  <HAR>  H05VV-F  H05V2V2-F  H05RN-F
  Ring Crimp
  PCB mounted

Bootlace Ferrule


Specialized Hylec or similar


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