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Spark Generators

Derlite spark generators provide a repetitive spark output suitable for igniting NG & LPG gas mixtures used in open atmosphere burners, such as those used in cooking appliances, space heaters, water heaters and central heating systems. 

The generators are available with many different features to suit your individual application, from a simple ignition of a single gas flame using a push button, to multiple flame sensing and automatic re-ignition of a flame following a flame-out.  There are 5 categories of product available:


GF Series – low cost, compact 1 or 2 outlet generator.
SW Series – Built-in on/off button.
BB Series – Screw or clip fixing with up to 8 outlets.
G2 Series – Clip fixing with up to 8 outlets, powercord & wiring distribution.
G3 Series – Slimline, clip fixing with up to 6 outlets


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